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Nicolas Grout LADAPT

Nicolas is from Paris and attends the LADAPT Foundation. He enjoys listening to music, theatre and participating in improvisation performances. Nicolas also likes singing, drawing, and visiting art exhibitions.

Guilaume Vallet LADAPT

Guillaume is from Paris and attends the LADAPT Foundation. He draws and plays the piano. He also loves playing drums, and is part of a group that has put on concerts. Guillaume likes visiting art exhibitions as well.

Eoin Nash COPE Foundation

Eoin Nash is Manager of Arts and Creative Arts Therapies in Cope Foundation. Eoin also manages an outreach programme called Suisha Inclusive Arts, and they are involved in a range of arts including music, dance, theatre and visual arts. Working both locally, nationally and internationally, the main project Eoin is working on currently is the Erasmus plus funded CIAE project.

Amy Begley COPE Foundation

Amy Begley is an animator and artist and is currently working with Suisha Inclusive Arts, Cope Foundation. Amy designs logos, posters and websites, and also currently works as an animator for children’s books. Amy also works on Erasmus+ funded projects participating at events at a local and international level.

EASPD Secretary General

Luk Zelderloo is the Secretary General of the European Association of Service Providers for Persons with Disabilities (EASPD). In this video he talks about how and why they created a group for their interested members in Arts and Culture and what those members of the group work on.